Skillofun Wooden Learning Toys | SkillofunSmile

We work with numerous not-for-profit organizations as well as schools for the underprivileged and specially challenged to develop toys that specifically suit varied needs be it autism, visual impairment, hearing impairment, or spasticity. 

We consider our employees, the hard-working lot that makes all these wonderful wooden toys, our responsibility, and their children a part of the SkillofunSmile family. It is mandatory for their children to attend full-time, mainstream schools of their choice so they become conscientious citizens of the world of tomorrow. The company funds their education, including study material and uniforms. 

We understand how difficult it is for the specially challenged of underprivileged backgrounds to merge in mainstream life and earn a dignified living. Within our workforce, therefore, we also employ people with special needs and help them inculcate skills to remove their dependencies and become self-reliant.