Balancing Blocks

Product Description
A wonderful toy for the whole family! Spend hours playing this game that encourages concentration, focus and strategy and reinforces color concepts.
  • Arrange the blocks this way: 3 facing north-south, and 3 facing west-east on top of them; then three facing north-south again, and so on till the whole tower is complete.
  • Game 1: Once the tower is set, the fun begins. Take turns to remove a block carefully without letting the tower fall. Concentrate and figure out which is the lose piece in the tower and carefully and gingerly take it out. The one to make the tower fall, loses!
  • Game 2: Once the block is taken out, place it on top of the tower and keep making the tower taller. But be careful, be very careful! It topples, you lose!
  • Game 3: Add on the challenge! You have a dice in the package. Each side of the dice has a different color, the same colors as those of the blocks. Once the tower is ready, take turns to throw the dice. Check the color that comes on the dice and take only that color block out. Now let's see how long you can make the tower last!
  • The game comes with a stacking assist on which you can stack all your blocks before you place them back into the wooden box for easy storage.
  • Each block - 66 x 19 x 13mm. There are a total of 54 blocks.
Rs. 1,345.50 Rs. 1,495.00
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  • Dimension (in mm): 305X75X75
  • Material: MDF\, Pine Wood\, Non-toxic Paint
  • Packaging: Wooden Box

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