Construction Set - Spokes & Cubes

Product Description
A construction set with a twist!
  • This construction set comes with:
    • 15 cubes wooden cubes, 45mmx45mmx45mm
    • 68 spokes in three different sizes - 32 spokes of 2 inches length, 18 spokes of 4 inches length, 18 spokes of 6 inches length
  • Each cube has one hole on each side
  • The fun begins!
  • Create your own engineering marvel by using the different sizes of spindles and putting them through the hole in the cube!
  • It's not so simple though - be careful when you decide which spoke to put. The lengths vary so the connecting spoke has to be of the correct length to reach the cube.
  • The spokes give both, length and height. Therefore, the connecting spokes have to factor both the aspects.
  • Very educative, challenging, yet fun! Teaches children color while they improve hand & eye coordination, logical thinking, strategy and cognitive development
  • Comes in a wooden box
Rs. 1,705.50 Rs. 1,895.00
Maximum quantity available reached.
  • Dimension (in mm): 250x250x50
  • Material: Wood\, Non-Toxic Inks
  • Packaging: Wooden Box

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