Multi Concept Game

Product Description
A wonderful toy to teach various concepts.
  • There are four cubes and four cylinders in four colors each. Learn and talk about the shapes and colors.
  • There are cylindrical cavities in the cubes so the cylinders can fit into them.
  • The cylinders also have holes in them.
  • First, just put the cylinder into the cube. Continue to talk about the colors of the cubes and the cylinders.
  • Then match the color of the cylinder and the cube.
  • Once done, it's time to sew!
  • There is a sewing thread available with the set.
  • First, just sew the cylinders and cubes separately.
  • Take the thread back out - this is challenging since the thread has to come out the same way it went in.
  • Now comes the difficuult part - Put the cylinders in the cubes. Match the hole of both the objects and sew them both together.
  • This product is wonderful for hand & eye coordination, logical thinking, wrist movement and identificaiton of colors.
  • 100% non-toxic and child safe
  • Comes in a wooden box
Rs. 895.50 Rs. 995.00
Maximum quantity available reached.
  • Dimension (in mm): 120x110x45
  • Material: Wood\, Non-toxic Inks\, Thread\, MDF
  • Packaging: Wooden Box

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